Doraemon Crafted


Macott Station 推出一套 5款的原木Doraemon Crafted ,今次打破以搪膠製作玩具模型的常規、挑戰以原木雕刻的Doraemon Crafted。5 款Doraemon Crafted 分別以紅檀木、黑檀木及柚木製成,以原身木材雕刻,故每一隻 Doraemon Crafted都不會出接駁位,完美塑造出5 款多啦A夢的趣緻造型,加上獨特的木紋,令每一隻Doraemon Crafted都變得獨一無二。多啦A夢每隻身高約22cm,並在底部刻有獨特編號,襯上一個木製底座,盡顯精緻,而且由於製作過程涉及大量人手工序,Doraemon Crafted 僅僅限量出品129 套,極具收藏價值。




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Doraemon Crafted - A款


Doraemon Crafted - D款


Doraemon Crafted - B款


Doraemon Crafted - E款


Doraemon Crafted - C款


Doraemon Crafted全套 5款


Craftsmanship Beyond Imagination

Doraemon Crafted: Handmade Collectibles of Three Wood Types & Five Postures


While modern toys are not solely designed for children, cartoon characters are also an integral part of adults’ precious and cherished memories. Doraemon has witnessed the growth of an entire generation. The children who enjoyed watching animated TV series have now grown into adults who pursue taste and quality. Yet, they still hold a pinch of innocence for Doraemon. Doraemon Crafted, a series of handmade, wooden figurines, is the epitome of this childlike innocence.


Perfect Doraemon Carved out of Exquisite Wood Craftmanship


This five-figure Doraemon Crafted series is proudly presented by Macott Station, who previously launched 90cm, mega-size Doraemon Mega. This groundbreaking design is the culmination of an in-depth understanding of fine toys, a radical departure from vinyl modelling, and a creative spirit to sculpt toys out of original wood. The models are made of rosewood, ebony and teak. They show no trace of joints and impeccably display their cute appearance. Each model is unique as it features its own wood grains.


Global Limited Edition Handmade Figurines.129 Sets to be Released Worldwide


As Doraemon is a hotly coveted cartoon character, the market is overwhelmed with its products. Macott Station has therefore extensively researched all existing Doraemon products and selected five rarely seen postures and facial expressions as the blueprint for this series. The company believes that these figurines will be very appealing to senior collectors. Made of original wood, all Doraemon Crafted models stand at 22cm and sport a special code under their feet. Each of them is meticulously decorated with a pedestal. As the production itself involves a lot of manual processes, only 129 sets will be launched. Hence, they are highly worthy collectibles.


A Combination of Technology and Manpower Cultivates Natural, Exquisite Items


The facial expressions of Doraemon Crafted are comical in style. In addition to standard postures including standing and sitting, two of the models adopt a walking posture, which proved a demanding task for sculptors. Each of the Doraemon Crafted figurines is three-dimensionally laid out by computer graphics, prototyped by CNC prototyping technique and exquisitely sculpted by the capable hands of the sculptors. This process captures Doraemon’s most natural and exquisite demeanor. Since the manufacturing process of Doraemon Crafted is very time-consuming and must be carved by skilled craftsmen, this series can only be successfully delivered by emphasizing quality over quantity.


Pre-order in China, HK, Macau & Taiwan opens on April 5; shipment arrives in June


Doraemon Crafted will be available for pre-order in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan via the online shop of Macott Station at 9:00am on April 5. Shipment is expected to arrive in June. Buyers who order the whole set are entitled to choose the serial numbers for their products. Serial numbers will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. Fellow collectors, don’t forget to place a timely pre-order!