21-inch Ganso Doraemon Makes His Debut
Awakening Your Initial Resolution

‘Hello, Nobita. My name is Doraemon. My mission to take good care of you and change your destiny.’

Aug 2018, Hong Kong - Doraemon is a story that depicts the mutual growth of Doraemon, a blue robotic cat and Nobi Nobita, a feeble-minded and lazy boy. Nobita‘s life is full of misfortunes. Although Doraemon always calls Nobita a good-for-nothing, he saves Nobita with his powerful tools every time he runs into trouble. Over the years, these two characters have witnessed our growth amidst their tears and laughters in their adventures.

A Seasoned Robotic Cat, from Yellow to Blue

Do you know that Doraemon, a robotic cat designed for caring for children that grants every requests, has been through quite a lot of  unpleasant experiences such as losing his ears and turning blue from yolk yellow, his original colour at delivery. These have certainly dealt him a hard blow but through these misfortunes, he has gained a tougher mentality, pulled himself together and become a kind-hearted and helpful robotic cat.

Yellow Ganso Doraemon re-emerges on Sept 3

September 3 is Doraemon's birthday. On this very day, Ganso Doraemon is to re-emerge and reminds us not to fear changes. What matters most is courage and determination.

21-inch Yellow Doraemon will re-emerge with three magic weapons, namely hopter, mega flashlight and P-killer. Definitely a worthy collection! Pre-order begins on August 24. For details, please check out our online shop at www.macottstation.com

21-inch Yellow Doraemon Three Magic Weapons

Size : About 21 inches(height)*13 inches(length)*13 inches(width)

Accessories : hopter, mega flashlight and P-killer; magnetised joints

Materials : PVC

Doraemon's Yellow-to-Blue Story

When selected by Nobi Sewashi to serve the Nobi family, Doraemon was still a yellow robotic cat with ears. One day, his ears were bitten to shreds by Sewashi’s robot mouse by because the orders given were not clear enough. From then on, mice have become his eternal foe. But it never rains, it pours.  A blunder followed during a medical examination. His ears were completely removed by the robotic doctor despite the fact that it was only an simple operation. He was deeply saddened by his round and pudgy body. He cried so hard for three consecutive days that his electroplated coating peeled off and he turned blue. Although he has come to terms with his unique appearance over time, he gets furious whenever he is mistaken for a raccoon.