About Macott Station
Founded in 1999, Macott Station’s mission is to realise your idea with creative solution, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.  

In addition to a team of skilled and passionate designers focusing on designing layouts and 3D technical drawings, we also have a team of engineers serving as technical advisers and oversee production solution. Our operations are primarily based in two factories (1200 & 1200 square meters) located in Dongguan 


From idea to reality. Transcending from ordinary to extraordinary.  Macott station has gathered a team of driven and passionate experts with diverse skillsets but with one focus - to make our customers happy! Keeping up with the ever changing market demand and constantly evolving manufacturing technology, we have upgraded our capabilities to include 3D scanning, CNC & nano plating, for examples. We constantly keep up with the every evolving technology space and expanded our services from model making to sophisticated model prototyping and creating large scale artistic installations that are often seen in high end mall exhibits and luxury brands’ windows display. Although Macott Station is all grown up now catering to a wide variety of very satisfying customers and fulfilling their creative and unique needs with high level of maturity – Deep down we are always the group that plays with and masters the latest technologies so that we can take what’s in our clients’ minds and put them in the real world – we love being in the bleeding edge, we love having fun, and most importantly we love to make our customers happy.